Responsible investment

As global warming accelerates and one natural disaster follows another, scientists and activists are calling for a change in our social model. Faced with these demands, the world of business seems to be questioning itself. The textile industry is going sustainable, the food industry is going organic. The financial sector also intends to become more sustainable. In recent years, the growth of so-called "sustainable" funds and investments has been exponential. Is this an opportunity for the banking sector to improve its image in the wake of the financial crisis and repeated tax scandals? Faced with an urgent need to tackle climate change, the world of finance is stepping up the number of ethical, sustainable, ecological and... often mystifying investments. But how can investors be sure that the products they are investing in are truly sustainable? Is sustainable finance a paradigm shift or a powerful greenwashing campaign? Tariq Fancy takes a look at one of the key issues in sustainable finance.

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