As part of the general assembly analyses for Swiss companies, Ethos analyses in detail the different board propositions and establishes voting recommendations. In particular since the introduction of the Minder initiative, shareholders of Swiss companies are required to approve remunerations for board members and executive management. Ethos publishes below the latest remunerations of chairmen and CEO of the SMI listed companies. This information will be constantly updated throughout the year as companies communicate their remuneration.

See also: Dates of general meetings & voting positions

2020 remuneration of the chairmen and CEO of the SMI listed companies

Company nameChairmanCEO
NameRemuneration [CHF]NameRemuneration [CHF]
ABBPeter VoserN/ABjörn Rosengren *N/A
AlconMichael BallN/ADavid EndicottN/A
Credit Suisse GroupUrs RohnerN/AThomas GottsteinN/A
GeberitAlbert BaehnyN/AChristian BuhlN/A
GivaudanCalvin Grieder1'056'256Gilles Andrier6'068'279
LafargeHolcimDr. iur. Beat HessN/AJan JenischN/A
LonzaAlbert BaehnyN/APierre-Alain RuffieuxN/A
NestléPaul BulckeN/ADr. oec. Ulf SchneiderN/A
NovartisDr. Jörg Reinhardt3'804'501Dr. Vasant Narasimhan10'381'792
Partners GroupSteffen MeisterN/AAndré FreiN/A
N/ADavid LaytonN/A
RichemontDr. Johann RupertN/AJérôme LambertN/A
RocheDr. rer. pol. Christoph Franz5'676'710Dr. iur. Severin Schwan14'599'918
SGSCalvin Grieder443'000Frankie Ng3'281'000
SikaDr. sc. techn. Paul HälgN/APaul SchulerN/A
Swatch GroupNayla HayekN/ANick Hayek Jr.N/A
Swiss LifeDr. iur. Rolf DörigN/ADr. rer. pol. Patrick FrostN/A
Swiss ReWalter KielholzN/AChristian MumenthalerN/A
SwisscomHansueli Loosli558'000Urs Schaeppi1'853'000
UBSDr. oec. Axel Weber5'243'283Ralph A.J.G. Hamers *4'209'717
Zurich Insurance GroupMichel LièsN/AMario GrecoN/A

* In activity for less than one year